American International Sports & Education Inc.provides a variety of services in support of the community such as sports leagues and tournaments, sports training, volunteer programs and mentoring programs. In addition we provide F-1/I-20 documentation for international students. Placement is available in private or boarding schools on the East Coast of the United States. We also assist in finding host families, medical insurance, tutoring programs, ESL support, and transportation.

Our main activities can be grouped in the following categories:

Sports Program

We provide student athletes an opportunity to succeed due to our professional resources. This program is committed to the long-term growth and development of student athletes. If we are not playing games we are in the gym mastering our trade. Student athletes will be informed of all the new NCAA rules and be in compliance to receive a college education.

International Students

We offer international students a wide variety of assistance programs in order to help them achieve their dream of studying in The United States. For students who have the economic means to study in the USA, we will provide assistance by recommending private high schools with I-20 SEVIS status, assisting with paperwork, housing, medical insurance for all international students and many other elements related to studying abroad.

At American International Sports & Education Inc. we believe giving back to the community is an essential part of the formation of any individual, therefore those who seek out our services will also participate in volunteer programs such as food drives, recycling programs, community clean-up programs and many other activities that will teach them the value of giving back to the community.