Being a A.I.S.A.E Host Family

Welcoming an exchange student into your home can be rewarding for the student and your family. As a American International Sports and Education host family you will have the opportunity to show a young exchange student the America culture through your eyes. Students will live with host families for either a semester or a school year. Joining this program will be beneficial and deeply appreciated.

Whats Expected from Host Families

The host family should treat the student like a member of the family and participate in American International Sports and Education and Host Family routines. The family must also be willing to share its own culture to the student, help understand new experiences, and support the adjustment and functioning of a new language and culture. Provide meals, a private bedroom with a computer desk, and transportation.

Benefits for Host Families

  • AISAE Local Coordinator Support
  • Bonding with a student will last a lifetime
  • Learning about a different culture, language, and values and traditions
  • Tax Deduction

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